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Corki Cycles Logo Transition

Since our founding in 2018, we have gone from strength to strength. We have built a community of bikers that love our bicycle components, tools, and accessories. It has been a phenomenal journey and Corki Cycles is so excited for the future. But in the journey, there has been a stumbling block.

When Corki Cycles first began we had a 3-point logo design. We chose that logo because of its strength and simplicity. Nevertheless, later down the line in the trademark process, we were told this can't be trademarked. OUCH!

At first, the team was frustrated and sought to appeal, but in the end, we realized it was going to be a waste of time and resources.

So we got to work and began brainstorming a new logo. We wanted something that symbolized cycling and was still a homage to our first brand logo. 

The New Corki Cycles Logo

To incorporate the old logo we used 3 chain links. The 3-points on the old logo symbolized the joining of founders.  We have 4 founders at Corki Cycles but in fact, 2 are married so hence the joint point. We then took the three chain links and put them in a chainring. We finished the logo by having an octagon on the outside. 

The aim of the logo was that it was a part of our brand logo CORKI CYCLES and also as we grow the logo can be identifiable on its own. 

Corki Cycles Old Logo to New Logo Design

Our Logo Transition

With the transition from the old logo to the new one, there is inevitably going to be a time when we transfer. 

We are now in that phase.

As a company, we are fortunate to be shareholders in the factory where we produce our bicycle components. So now the big step is for every product we make to now switch and have the new logo.

We are product by product improving upon the design and then releasing the new updated logo design. 

Now that the team is deep in the transition it has made us stronger. We get the opportunity to redesign the look of every single product again.

I want to note - nothing about our original product line changes. We still use the same premium quality craftsmanship and materials to make every product. We now are getting the opportunity to make them sexier. Which in the long term is only beneficial as we continue to grow.

Corki Cycles Logo Transition Timeframe

As a team, we are hoping and working towards next February/March to have every product switched to the new logo. We have 30+ components, tools, and accessories and we also have some new products in the pipeline. We can't wait for you to see the new products and the final finish!

Thanks for your support these past 4 years!

If you liked this article or have any questions about our logo transition send us an email or leave a comment below.

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