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Bicycle Maintenance Work Stand with Tool Tray

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Weight: 4.8kg/10.5 pounds
Base Extended Diameter: 54”/137cm
Adjustable Height: 35.6” - 57.7”/90cm x 146.5cm
Pack Down Size: 5” x 6” x 37.75”/12.7cm x 15cm x 95.8cm
Load Capacity: 38.6kg/85 pounds

⚙️ Strong and stable
⚙️ Tripod design
⚙️ Aluminum alloy
⚙️ Reinforced construction
⚙️ 360-degree arm swivel
⚙️ Secure padded clamp
⚙️ Adjustable height
⚙️ Portable
⚙️ Easy storage
⚙️ Foldable

⚙️ Does the Bicycle repair stand come with a tool tray?

Yes, the Corki Cycles bike repair stand has a tool tray that clips securely on the bike stand.

⚙️ What type is this bicycle repair stand?

This bike repair stand is a floor-mounted portable stand.

⚙️ How do I choose the right bicycle repair stand?

When choosing a bicycle repair stand, consider factors such as the type of repairs you will be doing, the weight of your bike, and the space you have available.

⚙️ How do I set up my bicycle repair stand?

To set up you need to only fold out the bike repair stand. Our stand is built portable for ultimate functionality. With its wide base it's stable and supportive.

⚙️ How do I use a bicycle repair stand?

To use a bicycle repair stand, simply lift your bike onto the stand and secure it in place using the clamps. Attach on the top tube, seat tube, or seat post. You can then work on the bike without having to hold it up yourself.

⚙️ Can I use a bicycle repair stand for any type of bike?

Our bicycle repair stand is designed to be used with a wide range of bike types and sizes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes. However, our stand does have a weight capacity of 38kg so if your e-bike or full suspension rig is heavier the stand will not be as supportive compared with a lighter bike.

⚙️ How long will my bicycle repair stand last?

The lifespan of the Corki Cycles bicycle repair stand will depend on factors such as how often it is used, and how well it is maintained. However, with proper care, the bike stand will last for many years.

⚙️ Can I take my bicycle repair stand with me when I travel?

Yes, our bike stand is portable, you can easily take it with you when you travel.

⚙️ What is the base diameter of the stand when fully extended?


The Corki Cycles bicycle maintenance work stand is built durable and ULTRA-STABLE!

Made from a robust aluminum alloy, the stand was designed with the common weaknesses of other bike stands in mind. We strove to improve and create a bike repair stand that's not only practical but functional.

Reinforced to withstand the weight and force of your bike during maintenance. The tripod stand can accommodate heavier bikes. With a maximum base width of 54 inches, the triangular base provides a solid foundation for any bike size. This means it can support bikes weighing up to 38kg!

One of the key features of the Corki Cycles bike stand is its adjustability. The stand can be adjusted to the perfect height and position to work on your bike. Thanks to an adjustable height feature and a 360-degree swivel you have flexibility.

The stand also has 2 height clamps to secure the bike in place, and the height can be adjusted from 35.6 inches to 57.7 inches. The main 360-degree directional stand arm can be clamped onto the top tube, central seat post tube, or seat post. Adjust the arm's angle to suit the task at hand.  The central clamp also features foam padding for extra protection.

You can clamp with confidence that you won't damage or scratch your frame.

A secure clamping mechanism is essential when it comes to a bicycle maintenance stand, and the Corki Cycles bike stand delivers in this regard. Adjustable clamps are used to adjust the height, and the main stand arm features internal teeth to prevent rotation when clamped. The main bike stand arm can also be rotated to suit your needs, ensuring that your bike stays in place while you work. This will help to prevent your bike from moving or slipping during maintenance tasks.

All Corki bicycle maintenance work stands feature an attachable tool tray.

While working on your bike whether replacing a component or repairing place the hex keys, spanners, or other tools on the attachable tool tray. No more bending on the ground to pick up or misplacing the tool.

When you have finished maintaining, fixing, or upgrading your bike, enjoy easy storage and portability. The stand can be folded down for storage when not in use and comes with a complimentary drawstring bag for easy transport. The repair stand can be set up and folded down effortlessly, making it perfect for use at bike racing events or in your garage. With this stand, you will no longer have to stand your bike on the ground, upside down on the saddle or handlebar.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Peter Hussey
The stand is very sturdy and stable

The stand is very sturdy and stable. Has no problem holding/supporting our bikes, which includes one extra large dual suspension mountain bike. While being very stable, it also offers a wide degree of flexibility in the ability to rotate the grip/arm to accommodate any number of angles. It is also relatively lightweight and compact making it easy to store, as well as easy to move around and set up.Assembly was straight forward, and there are some extra pieces in the even of loss or breakage. The tool tray is a nice addition, and a real help if you are doing more than a wash and/or lube. A convenient place to put tools and parts is very valuable.I have no doubt this will serve us well and stand up to years of use.

Jayme Brock
This works great even for heavy bikes

This works great even for heavy bikes. I have an e-bike that weights 80 pounds and this stand holds it well. In the photos, both wheels are off the ground and there is room to rotate the pedals continuously. It all folds down and fits in the included bag.

Tracie Reynolds
This thing handles my E bike with no problems

This thing handles my E bike with no problems. Folds up into a nice compact size so I can take it with me when I go mountain biking. Easy to rotate the clamp so you can do seat post or frame. Well not in the picture the tray is easy to mount and take off. Also, like that the height can be adjusted, I am 6’2 and I like things high and it adjusts plenty high enough for me.

Benjamin Noftle
Nice.All in all

Sometimes you win when you take flier on a new brand or discount look-alike product. I had never heard of Corki Cycles before getting this stand but a little research and it looks they are an actual bike part/tools brand. Color me surprised.Ok, so this isn't a one-off product from an overseas company that does a bunch of stuff on the cheap so how is the stand?- Really sturdy right out of the box. There is some heft to the stand though it isn't heavy per se.- Feels durable. That heft and the quality of the joints and quick-release locks all feels really good.- Comes in a cinch-up bag. (Really cheap feeling but I'm not here for the storage bag.)- Instructions? There's a brochure and some extra parts but no real instructions. Luckily this isn't a very complicated product so you should be able to figure it out pretty easy.- Packed well. Lots of bubble padding in the box and foam cap to make sure the top of the stand isn't damaged in shipping. Nice.All in all, I was very pleasantly surprised with its build quality and sturdiness. Looking forward to lots or chain cleaning/lubing and minor maintenance without having to bend down, have someone hold the bike or awkwardly prop it against the picnic table.

Dwayne VanHoose
I recently got this bike stand, and it has significantly enhanced my bicycle maintenance experience

I recently got this bike stand, and it has significantly enhanced my bicycle maintenance experience.The stand's construction primarily consists of metal, ensuring durability. Setting it up is a breeze, and it conveniently folds down for minimal storage space.A standout feature is the inclusion of a tool tray, which provides a convenient and organized space to keep essential tools within easy reach. No more fumbling or searching for tools!A minor suggestion would be to add extra padding to the clamps to prevent potential scratches on the bike frame. However, this can be easily resolved by using a soft cloth. While the clamps are effective, I do wish the handle provided more leverage for tightening. The disk-shaped knob can be challenging to grip tightly.Overall, this bike repair stand has exceeded my expectations. It offers convenience, reliability, versatility, and the added convenience of a tool tray. Although the clamps' handles could be more ergonomic, it remains an essential tool for the average home mechanic.

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The Best Affordable Bike Components, Tools, & Accessories ⚙️ Upgrade your bike with quality components that don't cost an arm and a leg
11,000+ Reviews & Counting 📈 Shout about your unique selling points