How to Mount a Bike Water Bottle Cage?

How to Mount a Bike Water Bottle Cage?

How to Mount a Bike Water Bottle Cage?

It is essential for cyclists to always have a water bottle with them while riding. Having many water bottles on your bike is critical for long rides, as it helps your body stay hydrated and replenish lost electrolytes from sweating. Replenish these fluids to avoid dehydration. Fortunately, most current bikes offer many water bottle mounts, making it easy to carry extra fluids while cycling.

To make sure you're well-prepared for your rides, how can you effectively mount a bottle cage to your bicycle to keep your water bottle securely in place while riding, even on bumpy roads? Its placement can be optimized depending on where it's most convenient for you. For example, you may attach the cage to the seat tube, top tube, down tube, seat post, or handlebar. This way, you won't have to worry about losing your drink while cycling.

Installing a bicycle water bottle cage is a simple process. You only need a few tools and a few steps to get started. Before explaining how to install it, I will share some basic knowledge of bike water bottle cage materials, styles, and placement.

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1. Preparations before installation
    1.1 What size bike water bottle fits in the water bottle cage?
    1.2 Are bike water bottle cages universal?
    1.3 How do I choose a water bottle cage?
    1.4 Where to mount water bottle cage on bike?
    1.5 Tools and materials for installation.
2. A step-by-step guide to mounting a water bottle cage.
3. How do you mount a water bottle cage on a bike without holes?
4. Conclusion

Preparations before installation

What size bike water bottle fits in the water bottle cage?

The diameter of a standard water bottle cage is on average 2.875 inches (73 mm), with its capacity ranging from 21 to 26 fluid ounces (600 ml to 750 ml). This standard-size bike water bottle cage fits in most bike cages. But there is an adjustable-size bottle cage that allows you to fit larger or smaller water bottles.

The classic shape of a bicycle water bottle is cylindrical. Besides that, there is a square or rectangular shape. If you choose a non-standard bike bottle, it may not fit in a standard bottle cage.

Are bike water bottle cages universal?

The quick answer is that they are not universal. Most brands follow general sizing, but they will also have alternative size options. Always check the mounting length before purchasing to ensure it corresponds to your bike mount. Some unique bicycles do not have mounting points. In this case, you may need a non-standard bottle cage with straps. You can also use a saddle mount or seat post adapter.

standard and non-standard bike water bottle - corki cycles

How do I choose a water bottle cage?

Different bikes match different water bottle cages. If you choose the wrong bottle cage, it can result in incompatibility with some bikes. When choosing a bike water bottle cage, consider the following factors:


The standard-size bicycle water bottle cage can hold a bottle that is 2.875" in diameter and 5” tall, sometimes longer, depending on your frame size. But some bikes, such as downhill bikes, have very little room for bottles and cages, so make sure they fit in.

If you want an airtag on your bike, you'll have to choose a water bottle cage that is compatible with the airtag bike mount.


Aluminum alloys, plastic, carbon fiber, and titanium are the main materials for bottle cages. The plastic bottle holder is lightweight and has various designs and colors. This makes it easy to match your bike style. Most commuter bikes use aluminum bottle cages, while many road bikes use carbon fiber bottle cages. Only a few people use a titanium bike water bottle holder. Although it is durable and lightweight, it is often quite expensive.

Retention system

If the bottle falls out during the ride, it could break or damage the water bottle. And when you are going at speed or on the road, it can be challenging  to retrieve the water bottle. In severe cases, it can cause cyclists to fall. So it is very important to ensure the water bottle cage is secure.

Most water bottle cages use an arm design to keep the bottle in place. Either way, the classic water bottle cage uses a retention design. The usual reasons for a water bottle falling out are the bottle being too big or small, rough terrain, or incorrect placement in the cage after drinking. All these can cause the water bottle to fall to the ground.

Bottle entry method

When selecting a water bottle cage, left- or right-hand preference may not seem as though it matters. However, some cages are designed for left-side access, while others are intended for right-side entry. Alternatively, you can choose a classic top-entry cage, which is suitable for anyone regardless of handedness. Which style you choose is up to you; if you're unsure, the best choice is a cage that offers maximum security.

side entry bike bottle cage - corki cycles


Weight has a significant impact on cycling performance and comfort. The lighter the weight, the easier it is to climb hills or speed up. Among the four types of bottle cage materials, carbon fiber cages tend to be the most lightweight. So far, the lightest carbon cage weighs only 0.283 ounces.

Consider the bottle cage weight, mainly if you aim to reduce your bike weight. If you are not sensitive to weight, you can also choose bottle cages made of other materials.


Selecting a water bottle cage that matches your bike's color or design is very important. Imagine installing a yellow bottle cage on a matte black Trek carbon bike. That would be weird.


Bottle cages’ prices range from a few dollars to over $100. The aluminum cage price range is $5.99 to $35. The plastic cage price range is $6.99 to $25. The carbon cage price range is $16 to $90. The titanium cage price range is $50 to $100.

Don't go for the lowest if you want a quality bottle cage, even if you're on a budget. Mid-priced bottle cages are the most cost-effective and can meet your needs while ensuring product quality.

Where to mount water bottle cage on bike ?

There are at least six locations to mount your bottle cage. You can mount the bottle cage on the bar, saddle, seat post, seat tube, down tube, and top tube.

When choosing a location, you can consider the following factors:

Ease of use

The most common placement for a bottle cage is on the downtube, behind the front wheel. This position allows easy access to water bottles from a central region while riding. Some riders prefer to have the bottle cage on the central seat post frame tube for even easier access. Most bikes will have at least these two central frame mounts for your water bottle cage. For longer rides, it is advantageous to mount both.

Frame design

The design of the frame can also influence where you mount your bottle cage. Some frames have dedicated mounting points for the cage, while others may not have any. If your frame has no mounting points, you may use a different type of cage or a strap to secure the cage in place.

Also, full-suspension mountain bikes will have an even more limited area for a bicycle water bottle cage. In this case, it might pay to have a hydration system like Camelbak.

Personal needs

If you don’t ride often or ride short distances, generally only installing one water bottle cage is enough. You can install it wherever you want. If you are a long-distance rider, you may install many water bottle cages to keep you hydrated.

Make sure to mount the bottle cage firmly and allow for easy bottle insertion and removal. A bottle that falls out while riding can be dangerous and cause damage to the bottle, bike, or people. It is also important to check the cage to make sure it has not become loose over time.

After selecting the right water bottle cage and place to secure it on your bike, the next step is to install it. In the next section, I will detail the tools you need and the installation process.

Tools and materials for installation

  • 4 mm Allen Key Wrench
  • 2 x 5mm x 12mm bolts (one cage has 2 bolts)
  • 2 x Washers (one cage 2 washers)
  • 1 x Water Bottle Cage
  • Bottle cage with straps (optional)
  • Seat post adapter (optional)
  • Saddle mount (optional)

    A step-by-step guide to mounting a water bottle cage

    Step 1: Choose the place you want to install it

    If there are bottle cage screws on your frame, remove the screws with a 4 mm wrench. Standard bottle cages have 3 places to consider: the top tube, the down tube, and the frame seat tube.

    choose placement and remove bottle cage screw-corki cycles

    Step 2: Check compatibility

    Check the cage and bottle compatibility with the bike frame. Make sure there is enough room for the cage and water bottle.

    Step 3: Install washers

    Put the washer on the bolt. One bolt uses one washer.

    Step 4: Install screws

    Use your fingers to turn the 5mm bolts to install the bottle cage, then tighten them with a 4 mm Allen key. To prevent damaging the frame, don’t overtighten.

    Use fingers to turn the bolts to install the bottle cage - Corki Cycles
    tighten the bottle cage screw with a 4mm Allen key - Corki Cycles

    Step 5: Check whether it is installed firmly

    Use your hand to shake the bottle cage to ensure it is securely installed.

    Step 6: Put the bottle on and check if it is secure

    Put the bottle into the bottle cage and shake it with your hands to ensure it doesn't fall off. If it is too loose, you must change the bottle cage or replace the water bottle with a larger or smaller one.

    Put water bottle on and check if it is secure - Corki Cycles
    Tighten the screw with a 4mm allen key - Corki Cycles

    How do you mount a water bottle cage on a bike without holes?

    Many people like to place bicycle bags or other bike accessories on the frame. So there is no place for a water bottle cage. In this case, you may use the below options instead.

    Water bottle cage with straps

    There are water bottle cages with straps instead of fixed mounting designs. You can attach these to your bike handlebar or frame quickly without any tools. This type of bottle cage is adjustable and can fit many different-sized water bottles.

    Make sure to buy a style with very strong velcro to keep your cage and water bottle secure.

    Bottle cage adapter

    The bottle cage adapter has a clamp and 2 to 4 screw holes. You can clamp it on the seat post or handlebar. The screw holes are the same as on the bike frame. Install the bottle cage according to the location of the screw holes.

    Saddle cage mount

    Secure the saddle cage mount on the trail of the saddle. Each side of the mount has two screw holes, which is the same as on the bike frame. Install the bottle cage according to the location of the screw holes. One saddle cage mount can install two bottle cages.

    water bottle cage mount - Corki Cycles


    Mounting a water bottle cage is a very simple process. The difficult part is ensuring you need the right size, style, and design. If you like to drink lots of water on your rides, make sure to mount two or more bottle cages.

    The market is abundant with options, styles, and colors. Finding the right option for you and your riding style is but a click away.

    Get your water bottle cage ready, and start exploring the outdoors by bike.

    Have fun out there on the trails!

    If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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